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Coffee and Pota is back for another season. Are you a new or experienced in ham radio? Black Swamp Radio invites you join to us for coffee and pota this year. We can show you how to operate pota in the parks and the logging required. Do you want to just watch to see how it works, that's fine too. There will be plenty of ragchew with your fellow hams, and coffee of course. We normally operate 9-12 Saturday mornings, hope to see you there.

2024 Dates 

Coffee and Pota     May 4     Harrison Lake State Park  US-1956

Coffee and Pota     June 8     Mary Jane Thurston State Park US-1975

Coffee and Pota     Aug 24    Indepedence Dam State Park US-1960

Coffee and Pota     Sept 21    Harrison Lake State Park US-1956

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